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NetLimiter Lite 2.0

Netlimiter lite offer core internet monitoring and control functions (See all)

NetLimiter 2 lite is a utility to control and supervise your internet traffic within WIndows. You can use Netlimiter to set a quota or restrict speed for uploads and downloads of an specific program or user. Besides these benefits, it also includes a powerful graphing tool.
It becomes really useful on home, internet stores or if you are sharing your internet connection with other users, because you can specify the overall amount of bandwith you want to allow to any specific user instead of just an application.
I guess the second best feature of Netlimiter is reporting, it provides a set of statistics reports that will show how much upload and download bandwith has been used by an application or user per hour.
Netlimiter Lite is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista, for advanced users a Pro version was released, which includes nice features like remote administration, user accounts permissions and a firewall.
The product price difference is about 15 dolars, reason why I believe most of you will prefer to buy pro just in case you need those extra functionality in the future.

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  • Small Download
  • Stable and useful
  • Good Price for basic features


  • Need to improve documentation
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